Adding VPN client to SD-WAN

Adding VPN client to SD-WAN #

Creation Date: April 7, 2024
Created By: Eduardo Henrique

1. Click on Implantations… #

Click on Implantations…

2. Click on #

Click on

3. Click on VPN #

Click on VPN

4. Click on Add subnet #

Click on Add subnet

5. Type sub-net name: #

Type sub-net name:

ℹ️ 1- Add the subnets you want to deliver routing to. Example:

6. Type sub-net CIDR: #

Type sub-net CIDR:

7. Click on Add #

Click on Add

8. Check on Enable #

Check on Enable

⚠️ *Activations in this VPN may take up to 4 minutes

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