VPN for Site-to-Site Connections with a Few Clicks

Simplified Connectivity

Secure connectivity is a cornerstone for any corporate network, and Recife Tecnologia is always at the forefront when it comes to innovations in this field. With the Magic VPN, the complexity of setting up Site-to-Site VPNs is reduced to just a few intuitive clicks. This revolutionary feature is a direct response to the growing demands for efficient and user-friendly connectivity solutions.

Key Benefits:

1. Ease of Configuration:

– Say goodbye to complex settings and hours lost in technical manuals. With the Magic VPN, you can establish Site-to-Site VPN connections with just a few clicks, significantly simplifying the configuration process.

2. Robust Security:

– Always prioritizing security. The Magic VPN maintains high standards of encryption and authentication to ensure that your communications are protected against cyber threats.

3. Network Efficiency:

– Thanks to the advanced SD-WAN technology, MikroTik networks will experience a significant improvement in efficiency, ensuring smooth and stable communication between branches, remote offices, or any desired location.

4. Dynamic Adaptability:

– The Magic VPN is designed to adapt dynamically to changes in the network, ensuring seamless connectivity even in dynamic and ever-evolving environments.


The MikroTik SD-WAN platform once again raises the industry standard with the introduction of the Magic VPN. This feature not only simplifies the setup of Site-to-Site VPNs but also redefines what is possible in terms of security and network efficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this new era of connectivity for MikroTik devices and take your network infrastructure to the next level with the Magic VPN.

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